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Myth III version 1.02 (Windows)

This is the first patch for Myth III : The Wolf Age and it addresses the following issues :-

Resolution switching on GeForce 2 MX and GeForce 3
GameSpy: Name background and icon sometimes spontaneously go black on all the name bars in the lobby player list.
GameSpy: The dimmed games are almost too dim to be seen.
GameSpy: Lobby text is unreadable at high resolutions.
GameSpy: Games sometimes appear and disappear haphazardly in lobby (entire list)
The "restart level" button when you fail actually does revert to the last save
It's possible to type during the "waiting for players" screen, but pressing return activates cancel
The F7 key now toggles on and off, rather than holding the key down
Films crash on conclusion
Fire does not set off satchels
Main UI screen is really, really dark, dark red text for games in progress is almost unreadable
sometimes when hitting the "leave game" button after a game has finished, the game will freeze for several seconds
Random bug on title screen where the wrong resolution UI images are being displayed
GameSpy: You can buddy yourself
GameSpy: You cannot unbuddy yourself
GameSpy: Player limit gets reset to 16 every time
In the list of game choices for a map, the enabled ones are dark red and the disabled ones are white; this seems backwards.
F7 does not list the current winning player/team in a non-random order
GameSpy: In gamespy chat screens, sometimes sending messages will cause the game to crash
In gamespy chat, player names show up as black with no icons
In the multiplayer game type list, the enabled/disabled colors seem backwards
Game information is in various shades of red, (ambigious)
Fire burns in water
carnage has corrected detail textures
carnage uses carnage trees now.
creep has corrected passability
creep dark has a rebalanced unit set
45 jungle has koth removed
50 volcano has koth removed
ramparts has corrected passability
ramparts has rebalanced unit sets (light and dark)
warriors now block.
dwarves have a little less range and a more obvious contrail graphic.
wight has a tweaked explosion graphic
some units now spill more blood
archers pick up and use flame arrows, also drop them when dying
archer flame arrows do fire damage and cause units to flinch.
ghol pick up and throw items appropriately
warlocks have less range, do less damage and their fireballs travel slower.
packmages have less range, do less damage and should send parts flying now.
spider cultists and priestesses have team colors
soulless attack faster.
thrall bleed when they die now
trow iron warrior have a greater chance of hitting units with their hammers now.
trow punch and kick.
warrior heroes have a portrait.
level 7 wisps have portraits.
trees block projectiles now.
objects that can be picked up have selection circles.
scenery on ramparts block artillery and the towers work now.
netgame balls are numbered.
netgame flags are numbered.
texture resolution on netgame scenery improved 3x.
versioning has been implemented

Download Mirrors:-

-Mumbo Jumbo
-Clan Paid

Update : -

A few people seem to be having a problem installing the patch onto their computers using the EXE file. This appears to be due to the fact that some people have a different build of Myth III (oddly enough)

Anyhow, we now have a fix for anyone who is not able to use the .exe sucessfully. It requires manually updating Myth III. First of all you need to download the Manual Update Patch. Once you have this, unzip it and move the "patches" folder into the Myth III : The Wolf Age root folder. The last stage is to replace the existing myth3.exe with the new one from the zip file. Now your ready to play a Myth III v1.02.

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